CAR's Products and Services

CAR has been in business since 2010 with a combined 200+ years of industry experience, CAR offers products that will suit your needs and scale with your business.

AGC : Automated Guided Cart

Automated Guided Carts from Complete Automation Resource are simple to integrate running off of a wireless machine network and managed by a traffic control system utilizing off-the-shelf components at a unexpected price point.

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KRN : Operator Workstation

KRN is an Operator Workstation consisting of 3 Human Machine Interfaces, RFID Reader, Barcode Scanner, and Camera with integrated machine communication for process control and data collection.

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PAM : Print and Apply Machine

PAM is a drop in place print and apply machine that measures and weighs parcels, communicates that data with your shipping software, then verifies, prints and applies shipping labels.

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From simple programming logic to sophisticated material handling systems to data collection workstations to automated guided carts and print and apply machines; Complete Automation Resource automates everything from your front receptionist all the way to your shipping department, from the front door of your organization to your back door. If your project includes controls, automation, data acquisition, industrial networking, machine build, or any other engineering challenge, CAR is here to help you.