Data Collection

At Complete Automation Resource we supply you with the most effective data systems to pinpoint areas of weakness, allowing you to make changes, helping improve your companies overall efficiency. Our system monitors procedures giving informative feedback allowing you to correct flaws in procedures to ensure all is operating at your companies maximum capabilities.

Industrial Networking

Turnkey integration of machine data networks working independently of existing IT infrastructure.

Data Preprocessing

Generation of preprocessed data points which are automatically relevant to existing enterprise system.

Enterprise Integration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Providing open portal data sharing to any data entry or collection interface.


Independent network, servers, data storage, and analysis filtering of machine generated data from any source.

System Solutions

Bridging the gap between the industrial process, manufacturing equipment, and enterprise data solutions.


No learning curve of industrial or automation networks
No impact to existing infrastructure
No additional overhead to existing IT infrastructures

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