November 11, 2016

Ignition by Inductive Automation

Premier Integrator of Ignition

Complete Automation Resource is a Premier Integrator of Inductive Automation’s industry leading software, Ignition. Ignition can collect, exchange and analyze data in real time. Ignition is a powerful industrial application with fully integrated development tools for building SCADA, MES, and Internet of Things solutions.

Server Centric

Ignition is a web based software that allows developers the ability to launch clients from their web browser. The Ignition license is stored onto your corporate server that allows you to manage all your clients from one centralized location, allowing you to instantly make changes to all clients at once. Ignition connects with any SQL database and practically any PLC.

Unlimited Licensing

For one low price, an Ignition license allows unlimited clients, unlimited tags, and unlimited connections. Ignition allows unlimited users, allows you to track as much data as you need, and connect to as many PLC’s or databases you may have.

Real Time Control

Control, display, and analyze your data easier than ever.  Ignition allows you to view your data, implement process control on your equipment, receive alarms from anywhere via email and text messaging, view dynamic reports, and easily log and store data.


Ignition uses industrial grade security technology with built-in redundancy enabling you to never lose your data if your hardware fails.  Ignition has proven to be more secure and more reliable than traditional HMI and SCADA software.

Rapid Development

Ignition comes with rapid application development tools at no extra cost to help you create powerful projects quickly.

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