KRN Series: Paperless Industrial Workstations

Dynamic. Customizable. Accountability.

Available in a range of sizes and applications,                                         

From KRN-0.25: HMI replacements, to KRN-2.0, operator workstations with 3+ touchscreen displays, we have the right size solution for your business.

KRN monitors various business processes from material verification to process control, from data collection to preventing the press from running if KRN senses a problem, customized to suit your business.

Provides real time production data to management,

Records employee activity, displays production metrics, logs downtime events.

Electronic manufacturing processes, 

Electronic work instructions displayed for tools and parts, electronic tool and color changes, electronic first piece audits, automatically imports bill of material and schedule.

Below is a list of KRN models we currently offer: 

KRN-0.25: 19.5″ HMI

  •  Commonly used as HMI replacements

KRN-0.50: 19.5″ HMI with industrial floor stand     

  •  Commonly used to operate individual presses.

KRN-0.75: 15″ Standalone Industrial HMI

  •  Commonly used in extreme environments.

KRN-1.0: 15″ HMI with industrial floor stand and industrial aluminum enclosure  

  • Commonly used in extreme environments. 

KRN-2.0: 60″ x 30″ Height Adjustable Workstation with one to six 19.5″ display screens, RFID reader, camera, and scanner. 

  • Commonly used to aid operators and management.

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