March 1, 2017

CAR Products

Complete Automation Resource is a customer driven Industry 4.0 Solutions Integrator. Engineering flexibility and creativity have enabled CAR to develop a variety of custom developed products and services. From simple programming logic to sophisticated material handling systems to data collection workstations to automated guided carts and print and apply machines; Complete Automation Resource automates everything from your front receptionist all the way to your shipping department, from the front door of your organization to your back door. If your project includes controls, acquiring data, networking, automation, machine building, or any other engineering challenge, CAR is here to help you.

Please visit our KRN, PAM, and AGC product pages to learn more about our standard products.

Our line card is below which includes our suppliers and vendors that we work with every day.

Barcode Scanners, I/O, PLCs, Terminal Blocks,Air-operated Vibratory Transporter, Conveyor Systems, Operator Interfaces, Graphic HMIs & Touchscreen Panel PCs, Silicone Hose, Plastic Tubing, Fittings & Clamps, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition, Color Sensors/UV Sensors, Sensors and Safety, Power Supplies/Contractors/Solid State Relays, Custom Designed Systems, Custom Manufacturing Equipment