Our Products

With over 200 years of combined industry experience, Complete Automation Resource is here to help businesses stay competitive in the current market with various automation solutions. Our staff believes there’s a possible solution to any automation problem, from PLC applications, to automated guided carts, to custom solutions we can help find an answer for virtually any situation. CAR also provides consulting services, for businesses looking to learn more about the automation industry. We will help you compare various possible options, to enable you to choose the solution that best fits your situation.

At CAR we believe in keeping things simple. Engineer any automation solution with us and get all the benefits of working with a small company while reaping the rewards of a user-friendly Ignition SCADA software that will integrate with any pre-existing platforms.

All of CAR’s products are scalable to accommodate any business.  Our custom solutions are flexible and easily updated so they can grow with the business.

CAR takes data security seriously. To support this idea, we recommend the installation of a “Machine Network” —this is an additional on-site server that stores all the data collected by our products, enabling data security, without dependency on the main server, there’s no need to worry about downtime events.

Below is a line card, that provides the companies that we most commonly get our parts from. Although these are the products we used most often, we are able to get virtually any part for any custom solution.


Barcode Scanners, I/O, PLCs, Terminal Blocks,Air-operated Vibratory Transporter, Conveyor Systems, Operator Interfaces, Graphic HMIs & Touchscreen Panel PCs, Silicone Hose, Plastic Tubing, Fittings & Clamps, Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition, Color Sensors/UV Sensors, Sensors and Safety, Power Supplies/Contractors/Solid State Relays, Custom Designed Systems, Custom Manufacturing Equipment