KRN : Virtual Operator Workstations

Let CAR help you make critical business decisions with real-time production data.

Built-in Dashboards
KRN includes built-in dashboard reports displaying operator activity, production metrics, downtime tracking, scrap reasons, lot traceability, changeover tracking, cycle time, good parts, and overall equipment effectiveness.
Real Time Data to Management
KRN enables your team to make informative critical decisions based on real time data, CAR harnesses the power of data for organizations who want to be on the cutting edge of their industry. Whether your equipment has standard communication protocols or you have legacy equipment that requires custom communication drivers, CAR has the resources to extract the critical data points that matter to your day to day operations.
Electronic Manufacturing Processes
KRN is able to display electronic work instructions, perform electronic tool and color changes, conduct first piece audits and automatically import bill of materials and production schedules.
Range of Sizes and Applications
Our KRN product line ranges from HMI replacements to fully equipped Virtual Workstations with 3 Operator Interfaces, RFID Reader, Camera, Barcode Scanner, and Control Interface. From monitoring manufacturing processes and material verification to process control and inhibiting the press from producing parts if KRN senses a problem, CAR has the right solution for your business.